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Manufacture d'Accordéons Maugein – Fabrication Française
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The know-how



In Tulle, in the manufacture of Accordions Maugein, we work the wood, the metal, the paperboard. We cut, we assemble, we dress, we tune instruments and we make the accordion bellows which we cover with all kind of tissues. All these process with the pure Maugein’s tradition.

An accordion production integrates between 3000 and 8000 pieces. We keep the absolute control of conception and manufacturing of our instruments; and it’s that control which allows us to have a real following about the construction of your instrument.


Maugein develops their instruments with their users. We are constantly at the listening thanks to our musicians all around the world. To the customer’s request, we personalize as well the music, the accords, and the decoration of our instruments, until having done a unique piece, recognizable between all instruments… An instrument which identifies the musician and makes part of him.



We don’t stop there. We take heart to do the impossible, always with the aim to serve the music and musicians. To innovate with them and for them, thanks to a college constituted of artists and artisans, all defenders of the accordion and, in this way, to move-ahead.

To follow, to anticipate its evolution, to imagine the tomorrow’s accordion, that’s one of the reasons why we have created the engineering office. From the design conception until the different prototypes versions, we are absolutely opened to the modernity.


We can do all this because we can count on the precious know-how that we have kept.As well, because we rely on the historical and fundamental values of our forefathers who have made the success of our brand and, our intention is, without doubt, to continue their work.That’s our strive for excellence.