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Manufacture d'Accordéons Maugein – Fabrication Française
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Our history



In the ends of the XIX century, François Dedenis creates in Brive the first workshop which, some years later, would become a factory of accordions.
In 1906, in a pilgrimage event, he decides to give an instrument to the winner of an accordion competition in Brive… Such a Jean Maugein, accorder of piano of its state… who would be hired in this factory after his return from the First World War.

Visionary, with a strong character, he understood very fast the technically of the instrument and the potential that it could represent in the accordion market.
With his brothers Antoine and Robert, they created their own company in Tulle in 1919.


The society knew a considerable development because of the creation of two new factories: 600 m² in 1924 and 3000 m² in 1937.
It’s from this moment that the industrial tools became unique in its genre, because of its extension, modernization of production and the conception of new machines looking for the excellence in precision requirements.
More than 200 workers brought their knowledge and, as mates, they were proud of signing their names in different inventions they made.
This unique know-how encourage the development of the Manufacture, it is the founder of its global reputation and places the company among the firsts manufacturers.
The company also knew respond to the novelty, for example, when France discovered the American music and the jazz. In 1949, Gus Viseur, a renowned Belgian accordionist of jazz, asks to Jean Maugein to create, especially for him, a new “American accord”, “The Paris Swing” which, in the future, would become the “Viseur Accord” and which succeeds, notably in the Hot Club of France.
The brothers Maugein dead in 1964, 1972 and 1977 respectively. In 1978 the son of Georges, who had took the succession, also passed away.
In 1981, the family appealed René Lachèze, Robert Maugein’s nephew, to take over the business. He managed the company until he retired in 2013.



The cycle has finished and it has born a new generation which has the best of its genes and its expertise. Marie-Christine Dubart and Richard Brandao, the new leaders, and all the team of the new structure, open a new chapter in the Maugein’s history.
The surge of interest showed for the accordion shows them the way and encourage them to follow with the work of founders.