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Manufacture d'Accordéons Maugein – Fabrication Française
+33 (0)5 55 20 08 89

Studies and Development

For us, to serve the music, is clearly, to make the quality our priority.
However, quality cannot be dissociated from service. To respond always “present”, to listen and understand, to try to find a solution at all costs, it is what we believe duty to all our clients because, whatsoever it is, they are precious for them.

Quality commitment and sustainable development

PRODUCTION: We bring the biggest care in manufacturing instruments, from the model for a beginner until one for a professional. That’s why we have established 10 points in the control of the manufacturing of an accordion, after the woodworking until the shipment from the factory through a “following document”.
For our purchases and subcontracting, we look, at first, for partners who are geographically close.